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Christy English Rocks! Castles, Customs, and Kings Event - GUESTPOST + GIVEAWAY Continues!

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Today I have the immense pleasure of bringing you one of my very favourite authors, Christy English!

Christy knows how much I love strong historical women...she also knows I'm crazy about Eleanor- so how wonderful that she should link the CASTLES, CUSTOMS, AND KINGS , with this amazing post!!!

What Would Eleanor Think?
By Christy English

When I was writing my historical novels, THE QUEEN'S PAWN and TO BE QUEEN, I constantly looked at the modern world around me and asked myself: "What would Eleanor of Aquitaine think of this?" Other writers and history buffs might understand this is something that has always entered my mind whenever I think of my historical heros and heroines. How would they perceive the modern world if they could see it?

Now I am writing Regency romance novels, and I have begun to wonder, how would Eleanor of Aquitaine, medieval Queen of France and Queen of England, think of the Regency period of English history? Indulge me for a moment, if you will and come for a jaunt down Historical Speculation Lane...

When the Regency period comes to mind, (1811-1821) so does Napoleon. So we turn to my fictional version of Eleanor of Aquitaine for her thoughts on this subject, and a few others.

Eleanor on Napoleon: "I leave the messiness of battle to Richard, but on the whole I have a healthy respect for men of power and military acumen. On the other hand, it is ill-advised to campaign in Russia in winter, and for a Corsican to call himself the Emperor of the French is simply laughable. Though I suppose a man with the right army at his back might call himself anything."

Eleanor on the Prince Regent: "To stage a coup against one's father is a time honored tradition. God knows, Richard and my boys tried it often enough. I fear however that Prinny, as I believe he was called, was not fit to rule a dog kennel in a stable much less sit on the throne of England. For such a spendthrift popinjay to call himself de facto King in England even with Parliament truly ruling over the land is absurd. I say this, all the while acknowledging that I am no fan of England, despite being its Queen. I suppose I must attribute this lack of interest in that Great Land to the fact that I was incarcerated there by my husband, exiled from my own lands and my own people, for nigh on fifteen years. Not the best of memories, to say the least. My youngest son John was more than welcome to the benighted isle."

Eleanor on Regency Fashion: "I must say that stays would be a wonderful addition to any woman's wardrobe. Especially as that woman begins to lose her bloom. I also must applaud empathically the tightness of gentlemen's trousers during this time. Tight trousers are quite the inspiring sight, on the right man."

I like to think that Eleanor would include the hero of my next novel,  Captain James "Jack" Montgomery among that number.

Thank you for indulging me in my flights of Eleanor fancy. For real facts about the illustrious queen, and anything else you might like to know about the history of England, please take a gander at our compilation CASTLES, CUSTOMS, AND KINGS .

Author Bio:
Christy English is happiest when she is dreaming. Her dreams have taken her to the royal court of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine in THE QUEEN’S PAWN, to medieval Paris in TO BE QUEEN, and now to Regency England in MUCH ADO ABOUTJACK, LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, and HOW TO TAME A WILFULL WIFE, where she loves to watch her characters find true love, often in spite of themselves.


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  1. Very clever post. I esp. liked Eleanor's views on Prinny. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm so anxious to read this book.

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  4. Thanks you guys! And thank you for hosting us, Lucy! I love an opportunity to muse about what Eleanor might be thinking :)

  5. HaHa! Love the insight into Eleanor and the Regency. I have to say she's spot on with some of her opinions. :-)